Balance – deep diving

It isn’t balance that’s static, but rather the mind that perceives it. WARNING:  This will be technical! Imagine if you will a person standing in line at the store. They are balanced, seemingly static and unmoving. Compare that to the balance of a parkour athlete who has just completed a jump of 8ft, to a […]

A Short Poem

Last year, while we were at the beach, my husband captured a photo of me resting after attempting to skim board.  That same day, before we went out in the morning, he kindly asked if I wanted a chair to sit on.  I declined stating “I practice what I preach so I’m going to sit […]

Let the games begin

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and that’s mostly do to the self re-evaluations I’ve been up to.  I’ve finally slowed my role and I’m now interested in writing up what I’ve been working on and what I’ve been learning.  So the next few posts will be dedicated to this self discovery and experimentation. […]

Faces of Fitness

What does it mean to be fit?  If I were to poll a group of people would it be based on endurance, strength, asthetics?  My guess is that fitness would be directly linked to exercise, but it doesn’t have to be.  I would like to propose another way to think about fitness. This is an […]

Horseplay Day

My alarm seemed to go off very early this morning so I hit snooze.  Shortly there after my phone rang.  Turns out my horses decided that today would be the perfect morning to escape their field and storm around the countryside. As I hurried out to collect them it occurred to me that whenever I […]

Play again

I watched this documentary trailer today and it made me want to take every child I know outside to play.  I believe children need more in their lives then video games, phones, TV, and electronics.  Take some time (Make that lots of time) and go for a hike, play in a park away from man […]