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I watch these two women
best friends all their lives
always there for one another
both happy and bright

Their children more like siblings than anything else
their energy tied together so well, these women of Celts
their friendship so full they need not even speak
the bond is abundant, special and quite unique

Both took their own roads along in this life
one making sure she was doing things good and upright
seeing the best path she directed those around
knowing the best way that would lead to things profound

The other sister strong and independent and free
lived a life more reckless where nothings guaranteed
powerful and brave she could foresee possible hard times
her wonderful insight and preparing, she so cares for her tribes

Both powerful and capable well rounded by life
coming together over and over to play and hold each other tight

Both supports for the other, until their sage years arrived
forgetting their will and power to thrive
it seems their insecurities run amuck and took over
fearful of what they might lose as they feel great exposure
they forgot how to enjoy and find possibility in the upcoming years
each exaggerating the others greatest fears

One becoming critical and impatient as she perceives what is right
feeling heavier resentment creeping into the light
the idealistic views compromising how much she cares
her body not responding the right moves just aren’t there

The other so concerned about being safe and prepared
it comes off as fearful instead of aware
worst case scenarios run in her head, yes they race
yet holding back opinions not showing her grace

Now the sisters unknowing their impact, they are
exacerbating the others fears of themselves, they actually mar
instead of allowing each other to stand tall
each worries the other will slip up and fall

The solution it seems is to own their own grace
both living great lives that they each can embrace

Step into the sage, they both deserve to hold
for one self-acceptance and serenity is told
can offer discernment and profound dignity
the other a deep sense of inner knowing and gifting clarity

Wonderful they can be
powerful and wise
let go of the fears hid deeply inside.
blossom together in years beautiful and strong
sisters forever
forever and on

leaving routine and wandering in the leprechaun’s land

Routine can make one blind
becoming unconscious to everyday finds
useful for getting jobs done and feeling safe
but destructive in seeing magnificence and grace

This must be the pull to embark upon adventures and vacate
to experience the world fresh and free without the known we create

Eight of us there were
the grandparents, and two next generation families join.
the youngest of the group a pair of smart and lovely boys
their birthdays fall on either side of the trip
leaving them 9 and almost 11 so perfectly equipped

Grace of the children was easiest to spy
as they aren’t held yet by habit and pride
both blew my mind by their openness to what came
and the true kindness within their hearts
something we all could strive to attain

My nephew a bright light to behold
his wit and unique ideas unfold
his powerful grit, leadership and smile so bright
I watched his confidence and persistence with delight

My own son a Zen traveling master it would seem
I watched as he bloomed as if in a dream
jumping and climbing as he never had done
growing both in knowledge and also embracing playful fun

The grace of adults often harder to see
as we cling to our habits still mysteries we be
we get wrapped up in our unconscious beliefs
we create conflict and discord
where we need not disagree

Still, in this beautiful land
I see the magnificence from all on hand
a gift for sure as we play in Ireland

The grandparents are the ones who initiate
their hearts so open as they invite us all to participate
a week in the emerald isle, a place so fully grand
magnificent and kind, sharing the heights at which they stand
they inspire us all with a life that is full
in their 8th decade they still travel the world

My brother-in-law a mystery at times
and yet very much intensely alive
he’s a quiet one who sees with his very keen eye
his smile is bright and I wonder his thoughts as he sits on the side
I watch him sit back in his calm in-the-moment way
always makes the plan where his family gets adventure each day

My Sister-in-law the most lovely of all
thoughtful and warmhearted her warmth like a well loved shawl
a presence even when she’s not around and seen
when she comes out and participates on this great stage
one feels her deep compassion outpouring in spades

My husband so wonderful to travel with
we pal around it’s what makes life magnificent
often correct in his thinking as he is wise and discerning
at times I so love it and yet it can be so unnerving
his responsibility for all and his principles abound
I love when he smiles and I want to be close when he is around

An honorable mention I must add to this list
my mother at home taking care of life during our trip
Kind and keen on the top of her game
everything handled, cared for; such a wonderful dame
I have not a worry while we fly through the air
I know my mother is taking superlative care

As for me, I find myself very hard to see
more often than not I’m wrapped in melancholy
and inadequacy
my hope is that I bring unique and playful energy
looking at the world just a bit differently
I bring a trail to hike and a tree to climb
nature in abundance I find it sublime

Grace in all, it’s present every day
all we need is to remember to look underfoot
don’t let routine distract us from all of the good20190623_153603


This piece is inspired by a story I read years ago.  It’s more a lecture, to me, than a story as it is speaking directly to the reader.  It speaks of a room you are in where all is known about the room.   A place you’ve lived in all your life and you’ve decorated and redecorated to suit your taste.  There is also a door.  A door that leads to a void.  There seems to be no floors and no walls.  Maybe there is sound, maybe something but it is unknown to you and no light shines within.  The room has become completely known and boring to you.  The excitement, curiosity and fear are focused at the door, and the void.  Will you step through?

I quite like this story and it has stuck with me for years and years.  What is beyond my room and in the void beyond?  Am I brave enough to step through to the unknown?  Below is me playing with the story, “The Room.


I jumped through to that void and what did I find?
The same damn room.
I was confused, did I miss something
this isn’t new, exciting, scary it’s just…
a room
I jumped again
This time… The same damn room!
I felt confusion
and from a confusion of expectation
an expectation of something new and different
came RAGE
Destruction of the room, fighting it all.
Throwing objects out into the void
The room in shambles and my energy wasted
I stepped into the void once more
…to the same room.

With no more rage to spend I collapse into a pile of tears.
What am I doing wrong?
Why this room, always?
I don’t want this room! I’m cursed
I cry until I can cry no longer and I look to the void again.
This time it will be different
 I step through and ….. same room….
despair and then apathy…
I lie for what seems like forever frozen in apathy
no will, no place, no movement
then to the void, the void that let me down so.
What did I fear?
Why did I fear?
What did I hope to find?
Why did I jump in the first place?
Why keep jumping?
What went wrong?
Sitting upright I take in the familiar
a room where nothing ever changes
Then to the void where change was once sought
and the fear of what that change could be and mean.
A deep breath and then another.
A thought arises and it goes by… and then another… and another
A smile, an energy, a creative surge.
Eyes closed and through the void once more
Everything has changed
there is a breeze and light and energy
focus and movement is everywhere
and yet…

What really changed?


pexels-photo-260413.jpegOh, hello, piece of my shadow. It’s been quite a while since we spoke. I’m so sorry that I’ve ignored you for so long.

I’m so glad that you have kept in touch even though I’ve been ignoring you and projecting you. Your patience is infinite.

I’m looking forward to some long conversations as we get reacquainted and start working as a team again. Please feel free to bring some other shadow pieces to the party as you see fit. It’s time to reconnect and become whole again.

New Cup

Posted: February 7, 2018 in contemplative
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So here I stand
Cup in hand
It overflows with stagnant slime covered liquid
Nothing can be added and the old will not help create the new
So with that I pour the contents to the floor
And with the empty cup in hand
I see that the vessel will not hold the bigger grander plan

The cup had it’s day and
It’s time to throw it away
To the floor it is released
Pieces on the floor nothing more

A new vessel is awaiting, temporary for sure
One day it will end on the floor
But it will hold the next journey at hand
A grander, more difficult journey
New skin, new mission, it’s time to begin

On the cup a reminder of what’s allowed within
light heart, curious spirit, able willing body, play mindset:
Embolden all