1 year (365 days) of daily meditation

BOOM! Where did that other Jeep come from? I was doing a U-turn and I’m certain it wasn’t there a second ago. Ah my horse is about to run out of the open gate! Oh crap, I don’t have time to close it fully. Abort! Abort! Too late, my wrist is now throbbing with pain […]

Why thinking positive can make things worse

That’s right, I said that positive thinking can, and often does, make things worse. Why? Because when you “try” to think positively it doesn’t work. As Master Yoda said, “Do or do not.  There is no try” When your attempt doesn’t work you will feel ashamed and insecure about the fact that you are doing […]

Balance – deep diving

It isn’t balance that’s static, but rather the mind that perceives it. WARNING:  This will be technical! Imagine if you will a person standing in line at the store. They are balanced, seemingly static and unmoving. Compare that to the balance of a parkour athlete who has just completed a jump of 8ft, to a […]

Two Sisters

I watch these two women best friends all their lives always there for one another both happy and bright Their children more like siblings than anything else their energy tied together so well, these women of Celts their friendship so full they need not even speak the bond is abundant, special and quite unique Both […]

PLAY Mindset™

You can check out the Survival cycle and Fulfillment cycles here. Now onward and upward! The tool that turns a Survival cycle into a Fulfillment cycle is what I call the PLAY Mindset™. As stated in the last post on the Fulfillment cycle, the mindset isn’t about Leisure or recreation. It’s a set of skills […]

Fulfillment Cycle

Yesterday I wrote about the Survival Cycle, and if you’re human, you’ve been in this cycle. It’s a part of having a mind and living this life. Everyone steps into the Survival Cycle in some aspect of his or her life every now and again. The problems with the Survival Cycle happen when it’s the […]

Survival Cycle

Do you ever feel like you are in this cycle? Auto-pilot -> having the same thoughts, feelings and actions that have really become habitual. Some patterns you chose others are unconscious. Fear -> a feeling that something is off and it’s unknown so you can’t do anything about it and no one else seems to […]

Just Me!

Prologue: This piece is inspired by a story I read years ago.  It’s more a lecture, to me, than a story as it is speaking directly to the reader.  It speaks of a room you are in where all is known about the room.   A place you’ve lived in all your life and you’ve […]